I know there will be a very quick and easy answer to this if someone knows it. I've seen it a few times in some videos where these two nodes can be added in with just a shortcut but i can't seem to remember how to do it or find the videos which show it. I do have the node wrangler add on. Using blender 2.79b.

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Search menuJust figured this one out. Ctrl+T will do just that. The action is named "Texture Setup" in case you wanted to use the search function to edit the hotkey.


$\small \color {brown} {\text {For Blender version 3.1 with Node Wrangler}}$

The short answer is Ctrl-T which is the shortcut for the command Add Texture Setup. But this works only if you installed the Node Wrangler plugin, it's not part of Blender itself.

Node wrangler shortcuts can be found in the documentation and in the plugin setup. In addition certain operations are directly accessible using the right panel in the shader editor area, including the one you're looking for. This menu can also be accessed using the Node Wrangler contextual menu which shortcut is Shift-W.

Last but not least, provided you know the name, as any other command it can be found in the search box displayed by Spacebar, entering a portion of add texture setup:

enter image description here

(Now you can access all the plugin commands and their shortcuts, you may be interested in using some other, like Swap Links (Alt-S) which can swap to inputs, e.g. on a Math node.

Details follow if you're interested.

Plugin setup in User Preferences

Go to user preferences, search the plugin and open Hotkey List section:

enter image description here

In this section, among tens of shortcuts, you'll find:

enter image description here

Using the documentation

From the same user preferences page, click on the related link, which reaches this page (varies with Blender version):

enter image description here

Note this command Add Texture Setup is smart enough to work both on the texture node and on the shader node.

In the right panel of the shader editor

When installing Node Wrangler plugin, a tab is added to the right panel (sidebar) of the editor. This panel can be shown / hidden by the shortcut N or using the area menu View|Sidebar:

enter image description here

Using the Node Wrangler menu shortcut

The same menu can be displayed using the menu shortcut Shift-W in the shader editor.

The other Add Texture command

Node Wrangler also offers Add Principled Setup which shortcut is Shift-Ctrl-T. It can be used with a principled shader node to add different textures at the same time, along with the coordinate mapping:

enter image description here

This command is not documented (at the time of the writing, the plugin online documentation is not up to date for 3.1 anyway). However from the code it is possible to see textures are associated to Principled BSDF shader using pre-defined substrings in the texture name:

name='Base Color',
default='diffuse diff albedo base col color',
description='Naming Components for Base Color maps'

name='Subsurface Color',
default='sss subsurface',
description='Naming Components for Subsurface Color maps'

default='metallic metalness metal mtl',
description='Naming Components for metallness maps'

default='specularity specular spec spc',
description='Naming Components for Specular maps'

default='normal nor nrm nrml norm',
description='Naming Components for Normal maps'

default='bump bmp',
description='Naming Components for bump maps'

default='roughness rough rgh',
description='Naming Components for roughness maps'

default='gloss glossy glossiness',
description='Naming Components for glossy maps'

default='displacement displace disp dsp height heightmap',
description='Naming Components for displacement maps'

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