I am posting because I've been working on a problem all day and I can' t find the right solution anywhere. I'm going crazy. :P

My situation:

  • I have an animated scene in 24 fps
  • I want to release the final render with animation in 120fps
  • The scene contains Particles, and an important element is that they change their color over time. Example Video: https://youtu.be/QvATUlmguyk enter image description here
  • I've tried many different ways, but each one of them ruins the final effect in some aspects.

A partial solution to the problem I managed to come up with:

  • The best way I could find it was to change FPS, Time Remapping and End Frame. Below is an example of how I changed it.: enter image description here

  • After the implementation of the above change, all animations work correctly.

  • However, there is a problem with Particles Material. Which, due to the change of time completely fails to work. During rendering it is completely white.
  • Material nodes:

enter image description here

  • I thought that to solve the problem it is enough to divide Age into 5 and multiply LifteTime x5 but unfortunately it does not solve it. Below you can find nodes that don't work. enter image description here

It seems to me that the solution should be rather mathematically simple, but unfortunately I do not understand it at all. HELP! :(


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