I am trying to figure out how to use a cloth simulation to model a film backing being peeled. The final render would be something similar to the first image minus the person.

Main goal: Create a model using the cloth modifier to look similar to the film in the first image being pulled.

Bonus goal: Animate the film being pulled in the direction of the red arrow.

Final render would be similar to this: film being pulled

I was attempting to use a subdivided plane with the edges pinned, parented to an armature to accomplish this look but I wasn't getting the result I was looking for.

Posing two bones closer together simply caused everything to scale in as opposed to getting a cloth draping effect. I'm not sure of the correct technique to accomplish this effect.

plane with bones

The film backing is in two pieces and only goes half way across the roll. I only want to show one piece being pulled. Roll with film split marked

An image of the film being pulled off when the roll is flipped over included for reference. However, this is not the method I wish to show in the rendering. Film being removed from fliped roll


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