I am using Blender Network Rendering using python scripting.

I am able to do everything except setting a path to save the still rendered image. So like for simple cycles rendering we use these statements to render and save a image - " render = bpy.context.scene.render render.filepath = "I:/PythonBlender/for jaggi/Renders/Test2" bpy.ops.render.render(write_still = True) "

But i am using network rendering and I have to give path for still renders from the network client. So for this i am using send job as i want still render -


But i am unable to set save location or save the image after render is finished.

I have also used animation on network. But as i am going to run around 1000 plus render, I want to set those paths earlier and divide them to slaves. So when slave finish the job, the image should be saved to the set location automatically.


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