I am having trouble with my character model I am designing. I have been using the mirror modifier and have not had issue with it until I got to the hands. I had them as separate objects and when trying to merge the two objects, the left hand and rest of the body, it seemed to work as I got a mirrored right hand. That was until I tried to connect the hand to the wrist using the merge at center which for some reason connected the two mirrored hands instead of the two vertices I had selected. The move arrows are also acting as if what I selected is in the middle of the hands. I do not know what is wrong or how to fix it. I tried un-connecting the hands from the body and reconnecting them, taking off the mirror modifier and connecting one hand then turning the mirror back on but nothing works. as long as the mirror is on the hands keep connecting to each other. I did start the body mirrored on the right side if this makes a difference. I did not know if it would or not since the two objects are separated. If it does do I have to remake my hand on the right side to get it to work properly? I attached a photo to show what is happening. Thank youBlender two vertices attaching in middle of mirrored area


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