Is there any possibility to export a fluid simulation as an animation and import it in three.js?

As I read in some threads it seems to be impossible to export a fluid simulation to a gltf, so I started to copy my simulation multiple times and apply the fluid modifier for all objects in different frames to get an independent new mesh for each frame. After that I used the outlier to hide the individual mesh in the corresponding frame and keyframe that using (i) after clicking to the eye button.

Thats works well if I play the animation using the blender timeline play button. But there is no animation exported to the gltf .. is something wrong with my idea, or do anyone know an other possibility run my fluid blender simulation in three.js? I am grateful for all ideas!


Try using LightWave Objects plug in, you can export physics simulation to keyframes, if you export and import it as .mdd (Lightwave Point Cache), I think this will covert the simulation to keyframes, from there you can export to gltf

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