i have made two animations, using the same base rig that play together, essentialy a judo throw, when i play it in Blender it works perfect, but when i play in unity (setting animation positions to original), both animations are played at the center of the bodies, instead of their respective positions. How can i fix this?

all other animations i had done work fine in unity, by putting into original position, they work the same as in blender, however i had to fix this one in particular due to a mistake i made, and since i dont want to re-import all other 90ish animations again, i made a new blender file and copied the mesh and rig, worked there, saved and exported.

i been trying to find a solution for hours, but it cant find it.

any help would be really appretiated.


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In the individual import setting for each animation on the FBX in Unity, there is a setting for applying root motion (location, rotation...). What you likely will need to do is play with that setting some, likely by applying it to the root bone. Without a file or other things to play with, I can't really go into more detail.


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