I'm a beginner. I'm following BlenderGuru's Blender Beginner Tutorial and I'm on Part 5. I've just added the background image, I'm in orthographic mode, and am supposed to add a cylinder mesh. It's starting at approx. 8 min 37 sec in the video. I use SHIFT + A to add a mesh. Go and click on cylinder. Nothing. It doesn't show up.

I don't know if I accidentally pushed a button, which I do more than I like. I don't know if the problem is in the layers. He is using an older version of blender and I thought the new version had the layers in a tab on the right side, but I'm not certain I'm using it right. Maybe I messed up there somehow. I'll include a screenshot and a link to the tutorial I'm using. Also, I'm using Blender version 2.79b on a Mac.



Upon further inspection, it looks like a layer issue. The "cylinder" is getting added to the first layer and is looking less like a cylinder and more like a dollop of meringue.

Update. I think the issue ended up being that the torus from layer one was selected. I think I have it figured out but if anybody knows if that is where I went wrong I'd appreciate the help. I don't want to remake my mistake.


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