I followed a couple of tutorials and was able to get 5 bhv files to execute one after another on a character. The problem is that the character in the file completes one action from the first bvh file, then snaps to the place the second bvh file action has its beginning. So at the end of one bvhfile the model is instantly moved to another location on the screen.

(is it possible to shorten bvh files, some of the models actions take too long, the clip still needs to be combined but can I think 3500 frames of this particluar activity is too much. It would need to be shortened, but I don't want the girls actions to speed up)

Here is the full file if that helps - warning 3500 frames of this is long.

enter image description here

Once I get this part all fixed is there a way to save this as a meta stip so I can use it again in another animation. I tried Edit > Start Tweaking Strips but could find no way to copy the Meta Strip so i could use the combined actions later like a sinble bvh file. (I may give the woman a man to have a choregraphed dance sort of thing, I don't know yet, but I would like to save the combined strips if I can.)


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