Here is the problem,

If I roll the view 90 degrees using Shift + 4 or Shift + 6. All of the view controls stop working correctly.

Rotating with the mouse left and right causes camera rotation up and down and vice versa.

Its impossible to use.

All other 3D modeling programs resolved this issue using quaternions for camera controls, so that camera controls work the same way independently of the where the camera is and what angle it is rotated to.

Is it possible to get this kind of control with Blender? Or is it not going to work with the view rotated 90 degrees perpendicular to the screen.

  • $\begingroup$ Yeah, I'm sorry-- it's not really going to work. Unfortunately, Blender has the world-Z pole built into the camera at a low level. Your only potential workaround would be to use a camera view, but that would be very cumbersome-- you'd have to select and manipulate the camera to ever change your view. Scripts may be able to intercept shift-4, but probably not an MMB pan (not sure though, I'm not a scripter.) $\endgroup$ – Nathan May 15 at 16:49

I've never experienced myself the specific problem that you are talking about, so I don't actually know if this fixes it, but you are able to change the rotation mode for the camera from XYZ to Quaternion.

The image below shows the setting being changed in the properties panel.

changing rotation mode

I hope this helps! (but it might not, idk)


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