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In the example shown above, I have an armature of a character. In said armature is the set of bones referenced in this question. The skirt bones have a, "Child of" bone constraint on them that follow the rotation of the Leg bones of the armature. So whenever the Leg bones themselves are rotated through any means the skirt bones follow this rotation.

However I noticed when I rotate the Root bone of the armature the skirt bones follow it's rotation. To my understanding, if I'm not mistaken, the leg bones are not currently rotating when the Root bone is rotating as well, no? I tried a simple, "Copy Rotation" bone constraint but to no avail since their constriant doesn't give me the adequate result needed as the child of constraint does. Am I looking at this the wrong way? I have been on this project for quite a while but have not been able to figure this problem out. Any tips are appreciated.

In simple terms: I'd like to be able to rotate the Root bone of the armature without the Skirt bones rotating with it. Currently whenever the Root bone rotates the Skirt bones rotate with it. Is it some parent-child relationship somewhere I'm not aware of? I will provide the .blend file shortly for anyone needing it. Thank you

Here is the .blend file for anyone needing it, thank you


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