So I'm trying to make a portal effect for an animation, and unfortunately the only way i know of for doing this effect is by using layers and the compositor in 2.79, which were replaced with the collection system in 2.8: compositing node setup of two layers

Is there a way of creating an effect similar to this with EEVEE's render engine? result of the "portal effect"


View and Render Layers are working similar to 2.79 but sadly EEVEE can't use Material/Object Index Pass. So you can't make a portal using this method. Read more here and watch video from the links: Blender 2.8 - Object index pass in Eevee

How to replicate it using different method


  1. I've created two Collections - Portal and Behind_portal and also two View Layers accordingly.

    enter image description here

  2. To exclude Collection from View Layer - select it and press E or RMB > View Layer > Set Exclude.

  3. In Compositing I've used Color Key to "remove" color of Holdout shader assigned to portal. I've also scaled a bit result and blurred it, as Color Key is not 100% precise.



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