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I'm trying to make a cloud with some displace, the first with a Voronoi and the second with a cloud, finishing it with a simple volume scatter shader, but when I'm rendering the cloud get same artifacts, it isn't occurring when I use only the Voronoi or cloud but when both are on this thing appear, I try something like turning up the max bounce value but made no difference, does someone know how to fix it? Render Blender Print


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  • $\begingroup$ increase the volume bounces, as it is in very specific places (you can see the sligthly rounded shape the artifact creates) where it overlaps $\endgroup$ – DrachenSeele Apr 26 at 10:23
  • $\begingroup$ ooh i could fix it, i forgot of this question, but it wad the subdivision surface the problem,the sequence of modifiers ware a 5 or six lvl ss> displace> displace, de ss was making the first displace too smooth and the second was deforming to mutch the mesh, than i put 3 lxl ss>displace>3 lvl ss >displace $\endgroup$ – Chacal Jun 28 at 21:54