I'm trying to find a way to select (and remove) vertices on the edge of a subdivided plane without having to go round and highlight each one separately. I want to keep vertices terminating three or more edges, but remove those linking only two (leaving a contiguous edge, naturally) – any ideas? I'm thinking either there's an embarrassingly easy solution or it's not possible and I'm the only person not to know it.Illustration showing vertices terminating only two edges


Use Select Similar menu in vertex selection mode to select vertices which share only 2 edges (in 2.79 it is Shift+G). Switch to vertex selection mode, select one vertex falling into mentioned category and with it selected run Select Similar > Amount of connecting edges.

Amount of Connecting Edges
Selects all vertices that have the same number of edges connected to them.

Select Similar in manual

Vertices which share only 2 edges will be selected and you can dissolve them with X * > Dissolve Vertices*.

  • $\begingroup$ Just what I was looking for – thanks. Selecting the item beforehand; what an idea. Moral: running Blender when tired can seriously damage your sanity. $\endgroup$ – Quin Benson Apr 20 '19 at 7:03

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