I'm only starting on blender with the 2.8 version

I want to do several animations by moving the different donuts up and down so I started animating with actions. But I got one action per object and I would like to merge/bake them all, so I can start anew and do a completly different animation with the same objects.

Plus I intend to import everything on unity and for now I can only play one action each at the time :(

I watched a few tutorial on youtube were you could bake NLA actions in the older blenders versions.

thank you for your time,


  • $\begingroup$ I do recomend you to stay on blender 2.79 version... i dont know why people are jumping to 2.80 as it is a beta version. if you are working seriously onm your project, you should stay in the full version before jump to 2.8 I myself realised some bugs in the new version and i wont risk my projects. Wait for the full release version $\endgroup$ – wander Apr 19 at 15:41

You can bake animation in Blender 2.8 ! Go to OBEJECT tAB in the header, then go to ANIMATION MENU --> inside that you will find "BAKE ACTIONS " SUB MENU. if you click that it will open its own small window. there you will have access to all the required setting for baking. I hope this solves your issue.

  • $\begingroup$ This comment needs visuals. Everything in blender has a header and I am not seeing object tab. $\endgroup$ – enko Nov 23 at 19:59

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