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I'm trying to make a seat belt. I've pulled a loop off the seat and converted that geometry to a curve, and then extruded/beveled the geometry in the curve properties. It works, but it's making the belt vertical instead of laying horizontal how I want it.

I've searched around, some suggested using Switch Direction to change the way the normals(?) face on the curve, but that does nothing. I can't figure this out. How can I get the geometry on the curve to be in the horizontal direction?

enter image description here

enter image description here


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The control points on Bezier Curves have a Tilt property.

It can be accessed in edit mode

  • through the Properties Panel (N) in the 3D Viewport under Transform: Tilt
  • through the hotkey ⎈ CtrlT

The control points, which you want to tilt, have to be selected beforehand.

Tilt Property


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