(Using EEVEE Only) I ultimately want a really beautiful starry sky that sloooowly rotates as my scene (3-5 minutes) plays out.

I followed this tutorial that shows how to make a star-filled half-sphere (I want to use a full sphere) using an icosphere at the tips of a thousand+ hairs all facing the center of the sphere - Link to tutorial below, it's great BTW and the final results look AMAZING.


So the issue I'm having is that once I add scene objects, a moon and volumetric lighting into my "Star Sphere" it slows everything waaaaaaaay down in EEVEE mode. Even when I switch to wireframe it's a heavy burden on my machine.

Is there a way I can either pre-render the spinning Star Sphere or make the stars less memory intensive objects? I'm still a super newb to Blender so I'm at a loss for ideas to reduce the burden this background plays on my scene - Ideally I'd love to have multiple star spheres w/ a noise alpha so they twinkle but I have to get this issue under control first.

Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated!!


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