I am currently working on an animation in Blender and I am facing a dillema. I am using the Action Editor to create actions for my rigged character and I realized that after each animation he returns to his starting position or stays offset from the rig's root bone.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem. I can just offset the root bone with the constant function after each animation finishes but that produces a very jumpy effect and prevents me from a smooth transition into another animatin. This is due to the difficulty of actually nailing the exact location after the animation. Sometimes the character has to turn around, so I also have to properly nail the rotation for the root bone.

I could leave him offset from the root bone instead of snapping him back to it, but then the origin of the object will not match with the position of the mesh and moving him around later in the timeline will be difficult.

What is the best practice for animations that change the location of other bones relative to the root bone?

  • $\begingroup$ Personally, I prefer to leave the root bone always on the center of the scene, using only all the others bones to perform the animation, unless I have any cycle, like walk cycles or run cycles, which will have sone little slidng or some tedious tweakiing. Some people use the NLA, which lets you blend an action over another action, replacing or adding the transformations. It all depends by the choice of workflow. Master Richard Williams advice is to avoid cylces and manually perform any animation, but theese are all opinions! $\endgroup$ – josh sanfelici Apr 17 '19 at 8:42

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