Hey all, I'm really new to Blender (this is my first project) and I wanted to create a bear that I can mocap using NI Mate 2.1 - however, when retargeting my rig, I get a few graphical errors such as the one below:

enter image description here Please bear (no pun intended) in mind that this is my first attempt at 3D modelling, UV mapping, rigging etc. so the model itself is very messy and requires clean-up.

One of the most glaring issues I've faced with my mesh is a huge patch on the chest of the bear, caused by my use of the mirror modifier in the modelling process. enter image description here enter image description here

In the album here I document the few issues/problem areas I have with my model, if more is needed.


I'm stuck on how to make my model look and function well in time for my deadline. Any pointers on how to fix the issues I have? If anyone is able to, I'd be happy to pay for some cleanup work on the model/rig, just please be aware that it wouldn't be heaps as I'm a student.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this post - I'm grateful for any responses :)


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