Good morning,

I have 2 spheres and I want to merge them, creating a filled face at the bisector of their intersection.

The fast way is using boolean but I would lose the regularity and I would generate high aspect ratio faces.

2 spheres

What I did was bisecting the top sphere (more or less at the bisector line, I don't know how to do it exactly at the middle point), and then clear inner to keep the part that I want. So far so good.

enter image description here

Then, I select the edge loop and switch to normal axis view. I create a custom axis with alt+space which is called FACE. I then bring in an empty axis and align it to the custom axis (FACE).

enter image description here

Problem begins now, when I mirror the sphere along the empty Z custom axis, I can't merge the spheres because the spheres are not aligned between them!! See how the plain axis is not parallel to the sphere bisect line: enter image description here

Any tips? I really do not know how to solve this :(



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