I have been running into an issue with importing .svg files into Blender. I created a vector shown below in Illustrator and saved it as an SVG 1.1 with all base settings. I then try to import it into Blender with File > Import > .svg but every time the points that make up the X's of the eyes become distorted or squished. I am just confused that it is only the eyes that are messing up.

Edit 1

This issue is not like this question here, because I am not intentionally wanting my vectors squished to the side nor am I having trouble extruding the svg once imported. The problem I am stuck with is the fact that I want the X's of the eyes to be imported correctly and not squished above and outside of the main circle.

Edit 2

This issue is also not like the questions here or here. That is because these two problems are dealing with extruding and already imported .svg file. I problem I am experiencing is that my .svg file is not importing into my scene correctly as shown by pictures 2 and 3. I DO NOT want the two X's shown in picture 1 to be squished outside of the circle. I want them to import the exact same way as they are shown in picture 1.

Here is the .svg file.

I really do appreciate all the help I have received with this question so far, however, none of the suggested duplicates are similar to the issue I am experiencing.

(Picture 1) Vector in Illustrator

(Picture 2) Resulting Curves in Blender

(Picture 3) Second Version of Resulting Curves in Blender

Thank you so much in advance!


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