Hello Blender community.

I recently decided I wanted to try and make an edit to an armor in a game I'm currently playing called 'Monster Hunter World' but I've never used Blender before and my knowledge of the program is close to none. What are some keywords I should look into in Youtube in order to achieve the following..

I'm currently looking to edit the leg armor I'm using in the game. This leg armor by default has a different design for each leg and what I want is for both legs to share the same design/physics. Basically a complete copy from the right leg armor onto the left leg armor.

I already tried looking at basic tutorials on how to move around the program and learned a few shortcuts but I still don't know the terms I should look into as well as the actions I should take in order to achieve this.

Could someone please recommend me some tutorial 'terms/keywords' so that I can search for tutorials of those in Youtube?

Here are some pictures I took while I was attempting to yolo this as well as the result:

Default model: default model

Desired outcome -minus the extra blade on the left leg. edited version

Undesired outcome. Leg stump is separated from armor and moving in synchronization with the right leg. enter image description here

In-game original look

enter image description here


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