Considering the Python API documentation about Class registration and the naming convention for operators, panels, etc., here:

Class registration

It is stated that:

The class name convention is: UPPER_CASE_{SEPARATOR}_mixed_case...


Valid Examples:

  • class OBJECT_OT_fancy_tool (and bl_idname = "object.fancy_tool")
  • class MyFancyTool (and bl_idname = "MYADDON_MT_MyFancyTool")
  • class SOME_HEADER_HT_my_header
  • class PANEL123_PT_myPanel (lower case is preferred but mixed case is supported).

My question is specifically about the prefix, the UPPER_CASE_ part. Common examples I have seen are: OBJECT_, and VIEW3D_, which for me represent things at different abstraction levels, OBJECT_ perhaps relates to the "Object mode" whereas VIEW3D_ relates to the "3D Viewport" editor(?)

object and view3d

I don't really know what prefix to use for my Panels and Operator classes. Should I just use my addon name there, e.g MYADDON_PT_some_panel? If the documentation is accurate I should use whatever pleases me considering the above valid examples.

In short: what is the convention for naming Operators, Panels, Menus, etc.?

Note: there's a somewhat similar question, but it doesn't address the prefix in detail, here:

What are the class naming conventions for blender?


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