I would like to replace objects at the end of a rigid body simulation by a another object. But the final scene contains the old ones, even when I call obj.hide=True on the original object. The new objects ARE in the scene, but on the pose where the simulation started not at the final frame.

What the replace function does: Traversing a list of objects to be replaced. Copy a "template" object and put it to the location of the original object.

def duplicate_and_replace(lst_obj,obj_name):

    scn = bpy.context.scene
    obj_name_rgb = obj_name.replace("tex", "rgb")
    obj_rgb = bpy.data.objects[obj_name_rgb]

    for obj in lst_obj:
        new_obj = obj_rgb.copy()
        new_obj.data = obj_rgb.data.copy()
        new_obj.location = obj.location
        new_obj.rotation_euler = obj.rotation_euler

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The following code works for me now:

new_obj.location = obj.matrix_world.translation
new_obj.rotation_euler = obj.matrix_world.to_euler()

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