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I tried to do a test render and I cant save the final image. Does anyone know what causes this, and what ca i do?

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    $\begingroup$ Write more descriptive title for your questions please. As to rendered image check if render was finished as there is message in red stating it is not $\endgroup$ – Mr Zak Apr 10 '19 at 16:02
  • $\begingroup$ I left the house for 2-3 hours, and when I got back I found that I couldn t save my render. I dont know what to check, Im a beginner but I did some renders and never had any issue. It says it took 34 mins, so it seems that it s finished. I had the same problem yestarday with an older version of blender. $\endgroup$ – constantin Apr 10 '19 at 16:23
  • $\begingroup$ Yay, Windows 10. So I guess it's a rights problem again. Set up a Temp dir under "User Preferences - File" that Blender is allowed to write to. Also, don't use the installer version of Blender on Windows 10, instead use the zipped version and extract it to your desktop. $\endgroup$ – metaphor_set Apr 10 '19 at 20:03

There is another solution. I encountered a similar problem where it showed a red dialogue box saying image cannot be written. So I just made another folder in the same directory and saved it in that folder. It worked perfectly! (solution for Windows 10)


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