Hello Blender StackExchange,

I am finally working on a game of mine, and I will be using Blender for some of the initial modelings. Basic house model

I am trying to make the outside of a single story home, where the roofing it using the Archimesh Add Roof option (which builds a helpful shingle mesh). Inside of Edit Mode, I selected a face, then used Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar to Create a Custom Orientation off the roof face. Face selected, and Orientation is used

When I click the same surface to move the 3D Cursor, then spawn the Archimesh Roof, I do not get the 'Align to Transform Orientation' option In both locations where Transform options are viewable, that option does not appear

I have attempted to dig around based on other user questions and answers, but I have had no avail that way.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, NaturalistUbuntu


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