I'll show you step by step what I do, from the creation of the object, to its import into UE4. Maybe it's some small detail that's making it go wrong. In this explanation I will prefer to sin for the excess of information:

1.1 - I get the initial Cube from Blender and I split it in half. Ctrl + R

1.2 - Then I activate mirror modifier on the cube.

enter image description here

2.1 - I make some adjustments in your size. S

2.2 - I start making the extrusions. E

2.3 - I make the neck and finally the head.

enter image description here

3.1 - I define a space where the arms will be extruded. Ctrl + R

3.2 - I make the arms. E

3.3 - I make the hand. E

enter image description here

4.1 - To do the legs, I uncheck the box clipping.

4.2 - Only after unchecking the box, I extrude. E

4.3 - Then just move to the side, to separate the legs.

4.4 - I finish doing the leg and the feet. E

enter image description here

I normally applied the mirror modifier after placing the bones, but as it gives error by applying it now or after placing the bones, I will apply it now.

enter image description here

5.1 - I create a bone and mark the mirror option.

5.2 - That way I just press Shift + E to create two symmetrical bones.

5.3 - Then just go extruding normally.

5.4 - Even make the hand.

enter image description here

6.1 - To create the legs, I go in the lower part of the bone spine (the first one I created) and I press Shift + E. (I think the mistake may be there, see how that is created reflected, fat part with fat part, different from how the arms were created, fat part with lean part.)

6.2 - Then just go extruding normally.

6.3 - Even make the foot.

enter image description here

7.1 - To create the neck I make an extrusion in the upper part of the bone of the spine (from which also the arms have left). E

7.2 - I extrude the bone from the head from the neck bone. E

enter image description here

Notice from the image that the armor has 3 parents. The spine bone spine (the one I created first) and the two bones of the thighs spine_L.005 e spine_R.005 (which I extrude by pressing Shift + E to do the legs).

enter image description here

To end this problem and not to do so: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/109814/multiple-roots-are-found-in-the-bone-hierarchy-we.html

Just do the following:

enter image description here

Realize that you now have a father for everyone. If I move the bone spine, everyone will:

enter image description here

Now I attach mesh to the bone pressing Ctrl + P

enter image description here

Association made successfully!

enter image description here

Now I'm going to do a little animation of 60 frames. It will consist of 0/30/60 key points, where at points 0 and 60 it will be in pose 1 and at point 30 it will be in pose 2. Then I intend to export it to UE4.

8.1 - I do your pose and I press I

8.2 - Then I copy your pose from frame 0, pressing Ctrl + C.

8.3 - Then I put it on frame 30, pressing Shift + Ctrl + V (I learned it here on the same website, Can an action be mirrored?).

8.4 - Then I usually stick to frame 60, pressing Ctrl + V.

enter image description here

9.1 - I change the screen to the action editor.

9.2 - I save by pressing F.

enter image description here

I export without modifying anything:

enter image description here

I want to know if I should change something at the time of exporting?

I saw this video and it's amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r986GDnpvXw&list=WL&index=116&

Soon it will help me.

I created a new project:

enter image description here

Let's go to import:

10.1 - I click on import.

10.2 - I select the object.

10.3 - I do not change anything and I click on import. (there are no skeletons selected)

10.4 - It gives you several warnings, but no mistakes at first. (for the first time, believe me)

10.5 - Three new things appear, but the animation I did did not appear.

enter image description here

Question object, links:

(Before associate mesh with bone) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iL-DTLL1U6SSXNOomBxoqy3-rNyVWOVQ/view?usp=sharing

(After associate mesh with bone) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v9-Imj4NMOR42wWFl_gBw5_LnxhHcB5o/view?usp=sharing

(After anim) https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ztCVhCnlnpwrUG75XqKITy8MwJ1uLXR/view?usp=sharing

(After export) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UNuaJrLDrVzeiP5UxbyB64h8p63bnIjn/view?usp=sharing

Questions I took a look at:

Exporting fbx animations to ue4

Problem Exporting Rig/Character to UE4


I created the UV map. U

enter image description here

I also activated Auto Smooth.

enter image description here

The UV map warning disappeared, but the other warnings continued, and a new warning appeared Imported bone transform is different from original. Please check Output Log to see detail error.

enter image description here

Links that helped me: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/116748/view.html and Blender's "smoothing groups" solution (Edge Split) destroys topology. Is there an alternative solution?


By clicking on an arrow on the mesh tab, an option that solves one of the problems appears. Now the character's pose is the same as the frame 0 of the animation I did in Blender.

enter image description here

The bulletin board is much more compact.

enter image description here

Link that helped me: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/34041/t0-as-ref-pose-option.html


At the time of export, just click on geometries and choose the smooth as face.

enter image description here

This last warning remains, but everything indicates that it is irrelevant.

enter image description here

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    – HongPong
    May 21, 2020 at 17:12
  • $\begingroup$ @HongPong Note that I still got some warnings / errors. I still haven't found a perfect way. $\endgroup$ May 22, 2020 at 12:28


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