TL;DR What is this damn thing, and how do I turn it off?

I'm trying to work out a smooth workflow for using the new grease pencil object on an NTrig based convertible laptop.

The first problem with this setup is the lack of a keyboard in tablet mode, which I am working around by using an external keypad (old Nostromo n52, really handy!).

Second problem is that the stylus only has LMB (tip) and RMB (side button) which are not re-programmable, which means there's no MMB for orbiting (emulate three-button doesn't work). Luckily Blender has had alternate view control bindings forever: Alt-LMB to orbit, Ctrl-Alt-LMB to zoom, Shift-ALt-LMB to pan.

Now I have a new problem, there seems to be a new (to me?) feature for view-snapping. It is very hard to search for, and I've found no actual documentation of the feature. Unfortunately the shortcut is Alt-Orbit, regardless of how you orbit. The result is I can't orbit without the view randomly glitching/snapping around.

So the question is: does anyone know what this feature is called? And more importantly how to disable it?

I'm using a new ASUS Zenbook Flip, 8th gen Quad i7, 16Gb Ram, Nvidia MX150 (just over 1000 USD).
The screen is good resolution and contrast, multi-touch w/ a NTrig based digitizer.

The digitizer is not as good as a Wacom (I have several), but the cheapest Cintiq cost 700 USD, almost as much as this whole system. The pressure sensitivity is pretty good (feels about 4096 levels) but wobble is real. It works fine in Krita, SBP, and others. Here are some general tips:

  • Get a two-finger tablet glove: the stylus is capacitive like the touchscreen, so touches interfere even when palm-rejection works.
  • For detail work unplug the charger: IDK why (poor grounding and transient voltages?) but having it pluged in sometimes causes huge wobble.
  • Use fast confident strokes: this is good practice anyway, but it seems like there's some driver-level interpolation.
  • Whether you use the provided stylus (my current fav) or a generic NTrig: add a grip (I just pulled a rubber grip off an office pen).
  • The screen is super slick gloss finish, but all the screen protectors I tried were terrible: try a stylus with a grip nib if you can find one that works...

Bonus Blender Tips:

  • If you have blobs at the beginning/end of strokes: adjust your curves trim curve
  • If your pressure response feels really crude: in preferences > input > tablet adjust "softness", for me -0.5 gives a very large range of pressures
  • For stroke scale: good luck, but remember there is a object-wide scale control under
    Properties > Grease Pencil > Adjustments.
  • Most mesh editing shortcuts work in grease pencil edit mode: Ctrl-l (select linked), Ctrl-Plus/Minus (grow/shrink selection), Alt-RMB (select "loop"), etc.

While looking for another setting (Viewport roll) I found this under Preferences > Keymap > 3D View: enter image description here.

Removing those two entries (clicking the X) allows me to orbit smoothly!


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