I do not need to apply transform for the mesh. (scale =1.0 location (0,0,0) no rotation but set some modifiers which deform mesh (and verts), typically armature modifier.

In edit mode I can still edit mesh, with armature modifier applied as visuall transformation.

And I can use obj.to_mesh(), to get current vertex position of mesh which modifier deformed, or get base (non modifier delta) mesh vertex postion too.

but I can not find way to set (20, 20, 20) as gloval cordinate, for the current mesh verts[1].co with keep all modifier applied. Or is there way to do it about current 2.8 buids and bpy?

(The reason why I ask is "generate shape key", which change current mesh shape to other mesh shape(non transform, non modifier) with keep current pose and other modifier (lattice etc), some aprication offer way, to generate delta morph from current posed shape with use another mesh shape, but blender seems not offer it,,)


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