I have seen other people having more options in the Image paint tool menu, just like the picture below.

Brush settings

I only have the options draw, soften, smear and clone while he also has fill and mask options.

I found out what was wrong after some experiments. It turned out that when i turned on 3D view: Screencast key it made me unable to use the paint tools.

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Make sure, that you have the same Blender Version used in the tutorial. Most of them announce which version they use. The Fill Tool is not available in the 2.71 Version. This is a development of the Google Summer of code 2013 and it's planned to merge this tools in the 2.72 Version.

Currently you can download a build from http://graphicall.org/. (seach for "Paint")

For examle http://graphicall.org/1107 (tested, works)

If you want to draw a Line you can change the Stroke Stettings:
Stroke Method: Line

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    – kakan
    Jun 29, 2014 at 17:51
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