hey so i made a couple different walls that i will repeatedly be adding into my project what i am trying to accomplish is add these new meshes into the add mesh Archipack tab. see picture for more info?enter image description here


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It mostly depends on the kind of variations you want to achieve.

If it is related to wall general shape, such as L T predefined parts, you may use "custom objects" (mesh based closed volumes) as walls, this is a feature of 1.3.8+ 1.4_dev free versions for blender 2.79, available on github repository. https://github.com/s-leger/archipack/archive/140_dev.zip

In archipack 2.0 Pro version for blender 2.8, presets parameters exclude any "segments" one, as they are meant to quickly change wall's aspect (width / height / finishings, materials..) without changing the general shape.

Adding new kind of parametric objects to archipack is not an easy task as the archipack's framework require some time to getting started.


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