I have made a small island to walk around in blender bge. I tried multitexture and also glsl, it seems both is working. The only thing is the mouse movement - it totally sucks. If i play inside of blender (standalone/internal) it works totally smooth but if i export it as runtime and play it, the mouse movement totally lags. If i go straight ahead there seems to be no lag, (almost) just when i move the mouse.

  • blender internal player - cpu 30%, gpu 90%
  • blender external player (integrated) - cpu 5%, gpu 30%
  • standalone runtime - cpu 50%, gpu 90%

I tried multitexture and also glsl, already fiddled around with vsync. I already reduced everything, left only a single texture for the ground - everything else is only coloured.


  • 64 Bit Intel i5-4430 3GHz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Intel GForce GTX 650 2GB RAM (latest drivers) supporting Cuda/GLSL

I can play GTA V without serious lags (just in some situations a little bit). Why is there such a big difference? If i can play GTA V i should also play my little island using blender... i guess...


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