In the image below, I am using an HDRI environment texture to light the scene with Eevee as the render engine. I want to render out just the floor with the shadows from the foot but not show the foot.

However when I use this method, I find that it makes such a weak shadow that it's useless. I've run some tests with a simple cube/floor combo and when I use this method and then add HDRI lighting it weakens the shadow too much - every time. That method just doesn't work well when using HDRI.

This leaves me with the conundrum that I'm getting a great shadow from the HDRI light in Eevee, but I can't isolate it. Any other ideas?

I read that Eevee will not cast shadows from HDRI; however, that can't be the case as I'm getting a great shadow.

enter image description here


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