I'm working on an Add-On that should turn on x-ray while the Select Lasso tool is active.

The way I'm trying to achieve this is by using a Macro:

  1. Turn on X-Ray
  2. Launch lasso select
  3. Turn off X-Ray

Problem: Once I run it through the F3 search menu, it works as expected, but when I try to map it to a shortcut it just runs through the macro and completely skips the lasso tool. Giving me this output in info window:

bpy.ops.view3d.wtm_xray_macro(VIEW3D_OT_wtm_xray_on={}, VIEW3D_OT_select_lasso={"path":[], "mode":'SET'}, VIEW3D_OT_wtm_xray_off={})

So how do I get the same behavior as the F3 search menu, but in keybinds.

Note that it also skips the lasso tool if I run the macro through a python script(using an operator).


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