Whenever I try to bake normals from hi-poly to low-poly in blender I get weird ribbed edges like at the image below (btw I was baking the normals to a 8k image just for the sake of test, on lower resolutions everything looks even worse)

weird bake results There are two things that I think may be related to this mess:

1) Topology of my hi-poly and low-poly models is pretty much identical with the exception of a few smothened(beveled) edges (and this is not one of them).That's how it looks on low-poly:


And the hi-poly:


2) (I think the most important one) My hi-poly mesh has an Edge Split modifier applied to it. I think that's what causes the problem, because when I was baking objects without Edge Split there was no such issue. So the solution may be simple - forget about Edge Split and create the hi-poly with good old Subsurf and Bevel - but I really, really hope that there is another way to fix the normals, because all I want to do is make some edges appear smoother, and rebuilding the whole model for it doesn't seem appeilng to me. Plus I'm not sure that the result will be better(or even the same quality) than what I have now.

So if there is anything that can be done to fix this while still having the Edge Split on a hp-model - please let me know, I would really appreciate that


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