Hey so I'm working on a scene with volumetrics enabled in the Eevee render setting (volumetric lightning is on as well).

It shows up in the viewport and it looks fantastic, but as soon as I press F12 to render it out, everything is ok except the volumetrics are not present.

Any idea if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong somewhere?

Running Blender 2.8 on OSX Mojave (10.14).

  • $\begingroup$ Make sure the maximum distance for volumetrics to render is sufficient in the volumetric tab, in Eevee's render settings. $\endgroup$ – Rix Yarbrough Mar 26 '19 at 16:59
  • $\begingroup$ I have the same issue (Blender 2.8rc1) and everything is set correctly AFAICT. Looks great in viewport, renders without volume effects (and same problem in Cycles). $\endgroup$ – podperson Jul 14 '19 at 20:06
  • $\begingroup$ few things to check: 1. are you using transparent background? 2.add sun to scene 3. lower volumetric samples $\endgroup$ – four two Nov 20 '19 at 13:57
  • $\begingroup$ Me too blender 2.83.1 working in viewport $\endgroup$ – Wes Jun 28 '20 at 15:28

I found a workaround. On your viewport, disable all your overlays and switch to Render View. Click View, then Viewport Render Animation. You can increase your render preview sample equal to the final render too. I did that before when Blender crashed when using conventional render.


I don't know if you have solved it yet, but I realised that if you have cycles rendering insted of eeve it seem to look different the render to the viewport, so the volumetric lights are not seen.


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