I have an LED screen model (from Splatoon 2, to be exact), and it has several UVs: one for the LED bulbs texture and other for radial gradient textures (as in, it uses a vertical gradient ramp and makes them radial).

First enter image description here Second enter image description here

But if I just multiply the gradient by the bulbs, the edges of gradients and blinking squares are going to cut through the bulbs. enter image description here

I don't want that to happen, so I wonder if I could find a way to pixelate a texture that uses a second "gradient" UV layer, along the first "LED bulbs" layer, and THEN multiply it by the LED texture, so it could look like a correct LED screen. Maybe it's possible, but I don't know anything about modulating one UV layer with the other one (and I haven't found any answers about that yet), so I hope somebody could help me with it.


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