Is there a way for a panel slider to control both an object's material node and a world node at the same time?

I currently have the slider controlling the mix factor of a material that is assigned to a background plane and would like it to also control the mix factor of the world environment textures.

    obj = bpy.data.objects["Sky_Sunset"]

    mat = obj.active_material
    if not mat:
        layout.label("Create a material")

    nodes = mat.node_tree.nodes

    # Define the specific node
    sky_colour = nodes["SkyMix"]

    layout.prop(sky_colour.inputs["Fac"], "default_value", text="Sky Colour")

Any help would be really appreciated.

EDIT: As I had no responses I went a different direction in that I selected the Mix Node for the World and added a driver to the slider, I then selected the target to be the slider on in my panel.

I'm still interested to know the Python route.

EDIT 2: While the Driver route seems to work, on re-opening of the file the connection breaks.


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