I am making a game using Blender3D and Unreal Engine and have a three part question:

1) When exporting a human character from Blender3D to Unreal Engine after having used a the Human Metarig (with facial bones) to rig and animate it which skeleton do we export with the mesh? I have noticed that the metarig has multiple bone sets within it. So which and how do I export? Also are there any unnecessary bones that I have to delete?

2) What settings do I have to make sure to set so that I import animations from Blender to Unreal Engine? In that regard, is there anything else that I should know or should do?

3) I have purchased an animation pack in Unreal Engine, however the pack and its contents don't cover facial bones or facial animations, therefore retargetting in Unreal Engine is proving to be a headache and yeilds incorrect results. So is there a way I can retarget those animations in Blender after exporting them from Unreal Engine?


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