This is a bit convoluted (and I'm still wrapping my head around Blender in general) so bear with me:

I'm trying to create downy feathers on a robin. I created a basic hair system, cranked up the clumping for a feathery look, made a few weight maps to control distribution and length, and so far so good: fluff achieved.

But what I'd really like to do at this point is to control the color of the fluff based on where it is on the model. I have a texture mapped to the mesh already (to cover any bald spots that might show through) but that's not doing me much good since the fluff is covering it.

Do I have to make a separate system for the red breast? Or is there an easier way?


Yes you can, In cycles.

In the hair's material, simply add an image texture, and plug it into the color factor as such: enter image description here


When using internal render. If an object has a UV map and that texture is assigned to the particle system, the hairs will inherit the colour from the texture.

You may also combine multiple textures using a blend texture set as stencil allowing you to have a different texture map for root and tip (or more).

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    $\begingroup$ Additionally, if you switch from the particles to textures you will get a slightly different window (object>part-system>texture). This allows you to finely control hair generation with UV maps or procedural textures. $\endgroup$ – SleepyMolecule Jun 25 '14 at 9:10

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