I was wondering how i can get my lighthouse to shine a clean and realistic beam. I cant get my volume density low enough to get the desired result. Do any of you know how to maybe get a volume emission to work like a gradient? So that the light cone is less intense the further its away?

or can i add some invisible geometry that is in the way of the light but in all other respects transparent? Light baking maybe?

Summin like this. https://captainkimo.com/foggy-morning-jupiter-lighthouse-with-light-ray/ or dis. https://twistedsifter.com/2013/07/pigeon-point-lighthouse/


It looks like this node setup works not too bad:

  • I've created a simple light ball for the light source, maybe you should add a bit of glow around as it's explained here: How do I make a luminescent gas cloud?
  • Now, for the beam, first, create a conic cylinder.
  • For the length gradient, mix an Emission node with a Transparent node, use a Gradient as factor, and a ColorRamp to control its intensity.
  • For the width gradient, mix the first Mix Shader with the Transparent node, use a Layer Weight as factor, and a ColorRamp to control its intensity.
  • To add a bit of noise you could mix the previous nodes with the Transparent node, with a Noise texture as a factor.

enter image description here

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