In putting together an answer to Changing Multiple Influences Simultaneously I came across the Slow python script warning in the drivers editor

Using a set up as outlined here driving a pose bone's constraint influence with the armature objects "prop" property

Using a traditional driver variable

enter image description here

And again using the use_self property of drivers. Since the drivers are on on pose bones, and the id data of a pose bone is the armature object then self.id_data is that object and self.id_data["prop"] (or self.id_data.get("prop", 0)) is the value of the custom property "prop" on that object.

enter image description here

However this displays the Slow Python Expression warning

What are the implications of this warning? How is it flagged?

Could be related: (possibly another question) how much of self is self... In trying to game the system with drivers tried to manipulate the self.children via a parent object driver, only to find the collection empty in the driver namespace. The method also flagged the warning


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