I've been trying to make back-ups of my Blender files (very important, I found out a while ago :( ), but when I use either "Save As" or "Save Copy" in Blender to save on my HDD, it doesn't exactly work as it should.

First off, a Blend1 file doesn't get generated (automatic back-up of a file), and second, when I try to open the normal .Blend file, it just opens in a older version of Blender, a completely empty scene, not even a light & camera, let alone my work?

If I open the file from Blender itself (the pop-up window with the 5(ish) most recent files, it does open as it should, no problem there. When I open the file through the file path with "Open", it also behaves normally.

I have tried changing the default program the file opens with (default is already Blender, but my thought was that it took Blender 2.79 or so, at least an older version on my PC), but when I changed it to 2.8 (I know, beta, but this is still weird), the File Explorer just took forever to change the default program, after which I had to restart my PC. Therefore writing this thread.

So much for making back-ups... Am I doing it wrong? I'm sure I'm not the only person using Blender that makes back-ups, and there is not a single other thread I could fine, so there must be another way or something is messed up in my settings.

I don't want Blender to make my HDD the default save folder, because I don't always have it plugged in. It is meant only as a back-up.

I'm on Windows 10 btw.


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