I've worked on this character mesh and when I parent the rig to the mesh, I get a "bone heat weighting" error and nothing happens. Can anyone fix this? Here is the link to the .blend file.

Here is a picture, just to let you know what the setup looks like: enter image description here


It is the model's hair which leads to the error it isn't symmetrical.

If you separate the hair from the rest of the model it works fine:

In Edit Mode

  • Select one of the hair's faces
  • P shows the separate popup, Choose By Material

You can parent it later to the model.

In Object Mode

  • Select the mesh
  • Select the Armature
  • Ctrl-P With automatic weights

enter image description here

Note: When exporting from MakeHuman you can also export with a rig (personally I prefer the MHX rig because it doesn't pollute the outliner with all these WGT* objects)

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