I've worked on this character mesh and when I parent the rig to the mesh, I get a "bone heat weighting" error and nothing happens. Can anyone fix this? Here is the link to the .blend file.

Here is a picture, just to let you know what the setup looks like: enter image description here


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It is the model's hair which leads to the error it isn't symmetrical.

If you separate the hair from the rest of the model it works fine:

In Edit Mode

  • Select one of the hair's faces
  • P shows the separate popup, Choose By Material

You can parent it later to the model.

In Object Mode

  • Select the mesh
  • Select the Armature
  • Ctrl-P With automatic weights

enter image description here

Note: When exporting from MakeHuman you can also export with a rig (personally I prefer the MHX rig because it doesn't pollute the outliner with all these WGT* objects)

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