I want to be able to make a loop cuts like this:

Patterned "loop cuts"

In this example, I just approximated the width between cuts, but I would really like to be exact.

I'm planning on modelling a Ka-Bar knife and I was planning on using this for the handle as shown here:


Obviously this image/diagram thing is a slight oversimplification of what I'm actually trying to do (I'll need an additional, smaller width, C, between A and B so I can scale A up or B down on the Y- and Z-axes in order to get the the little grooves), but for the purpose of my question, I think this simplification is fine.


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Perhaps the bvevel tool can do the job ?

1: Use the Loop Cut tool to create the required number of divisions.

enter image description here

2: With these new loop cuts selected use the Bevel tool to give these loop cuts the desired width.

enter image description here


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