I am trying to draw house plans with Blender 2.79. In order to make a new "clean" file, I append objects from the file made with my previous tentatives. Before to append to the new file, still working in the original one, I "Apply- Rotation and Scale". I also use Alt P and "Clear Parents".

After "Append", a tiny instance of the object appears in the destination file. For example a wall which dimensions were x=10 inches 555.8thou*; Y= 22 ft 3.47 in; Z= 7 ft 11.5 in the file of origin are now X=879.65 thou (inches); Y = 1 ft 10.289 in;and Z is 7 inches 958.6thou

I also note that the new object created in the destination file is not selected, another object is so I have to select and ...correct dimensions and location.

So my question is : How can I keep the object size when I use Append ? Can location be kept too ? Thanks !

Following the suggestion from batFINGER, I did find out that in properties > scene > Unit scale, the scale used when converting between blender units and dimensions, had a different value for the source (0.25400) and for the target (0.304800). Very interesting, thanks, batFINGER. I still have some tests to do, for the moment I get unwanted results. Maybe I have to re-append each object of the project. Will try a few thing and keep you posted.

Thanks again, stay tuned !

Astonishingly, changing the scale used when converting between blender units in the origin file does not seem to help. Changing it in the target file influences the existing dimension values but does not help getting proportionally sized appended materials. Any other suggestion ? Thanks again.

  • $\begingroup$ Check the scene unit scale, in properties > scene > units panel. $\endgroup$ – batFINGER Mar 11 at 16:13

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