I am trying to render out a cartoon version of the model shown in the image, but as you can see, I am getting white outlines when rendering using blender 2.8 workbench engine. I have set the outline color to black on both the workbench engine settings and Eevee engine settings so not sure what's going on here?

Also is there a way that I can make the line weight taper off at the end of the line so it looks more like a pen stroke and not a line?

Thank you!

enter image description here


enter image description here

Activate freeline in the General Scene settings (I am using eevee render engine) enter image description here Go to the image sequence settings and let's configure freestyle like the picture: enter image description here You´re going to select Thickness and then add a modifier ALONG STROKE. enter image description here And you want to select CURVE for the modifier. Now you need a profile curve. Draw one like this: enter image description here "M" shape which means thick at the beginning, lower towards the middle, and thick again on the end line.

You can change the color and thickness here: enter image description here

Don´t forget to change the line blending mode from MIX to ADD. Here are my settings: enter image description here

The render: enter image description here

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  • $\begingroup$ Thanks works on Eevee, doesn't work with workbench! $\endgroup$ – Pramod George Mar 11 '19 at 19:51
  • $\begingroup$ Workbench is openGL. There is no freestyle with that. $\endgroup$ – Pierre Schiller Mar 11 '19 at 21:46

I tried the same in Workbench (See image). You can get outlines with tapering ends based on cavity.

Adjusting he thickness of this outline would be a great feature. Maybe someone can take this method to nodes?? I could'nt get the outer lines completely black either.

This approach could be a fast cartoon shader option in Blender 2.8!

Outlines in Workbench


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