What is the best way to bring your rigged character into another .blend file using append? Do you have to select both the object and mesh or rig? I tried selecting the object only (the name of my file) but the mesh does not seem to move right or scale. I can only work with the rig. The hands and feet on the mesh, when I select it, stick in place (IK) and the body stretches at the hands and feet. It's not a big problem for me. I can use it that why, just moving the rig. The mesh does what the rig is doing. I was just asking if there is a better way. Thanks.

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    $\begingroup$ Group the rig and mesh objects, then link them into the new file, then extract the rig with Ctrl Alt P > "MyRig". $\endgroup$ – Leander Mar 9 at 16:08

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