I've been teaching myself to model for a few months now, and recently a friend asked me if I would be able to create this hair pin for her. At first I thought I thought I could make a simple moon shape, make a loop cut down the center and extrude it up from the center. However, the model I need to create has two extruded edges on the same face and this is where I'm at a complete loss of what tool can help me accomplish my goal.

This is the shape I'm trying to achieve Goal

This is what I've tried so farsubdivided

This was after adding two more cuts and edge sliding to give a sharper angle.loop cut and edge slide

Thank you for your time.


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Use your image as a background image. You could begin with the ridges of your two half-moons, then expand, connect the vertices, move up the faces, etc...

enter image description here


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