I have 2 Grease Pencil strokes each consisting of 2 vertices, where both start from the same spot. (see A in image)

Is there a way I can merge these 2 strokes into one continuous stroke consisting of only 3 vertices? (see B in image)

I'm looking for something like "Remove doubles" function when editing mesh, where it takes selected points and turns them all into a single point in the middle.

There is "Join strokes" function, but it doesn't do that, and instead only makes a new stroke between the disconnected ones - even if they are in exactly the same spot.

I can achieve what I want with "Join strokes" then selecting one of the 2 vertices then CTRL+X then "Dissolve", but I'm looking for a way to do that faster. Is there any?


In edit mode, select the first stroke and select the vertex you want to join.

Shift select the second stroke and select the next vertex to join.

Use Stroke > Join (or the shortcut ⎈ Ctrl+J)

enter image description here

Note that you cannot connect vertices that are not on the edges of a stroke.

  • $\begingroup$ This is the "Join strokes" function that I was referring to in my question. It simply joins the two points with a line between them, instead of merging them into one point, which is what I want. $\endgroup$ – Architector 4 Jan 28 at 21:49

You can enable Automerge while Drawing in Blender 2.92 (Download Daily Build)

  • 1
    $\begingroup$ Looks good, but is there a way to do this with strokes that are already made? $\endgroup$ – Architector 4 Dec 18 '20 at 8:44
  • $\begingroup$ I'm using 2.92 and don't see an automerge button anywhere in the 2D Animation context. $\endgroup$ – R-800 Feb 25 at 2:12

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